Bulgaria’s Sofia Lights Christmas Tree

Публикувано на November 22nd, 2012

Bulgaria to spend 300M leva on restoring ancient sites for tourism

Публикувано на November 30th, 2012

Postcard from Doha

Публикувано на November 29th, 2013

Bulgaria’s Sofia Lights Christmas Tree

Публикувано на November 22nd, 2012

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia will turn on the lights of its Christmas tree at 6:30 pm Friday with a special celebration for a fifth consecutive year.

The traditional Sofia Christmas pine tree, near the Rila Hotel in downtown Sofia, will be opened by Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.

The Christmas tree ceremony will be preceded by an open concert of dance and song groups, which starts at 5 pm on the specially-constructed stage in front of the hotel.

A festive antique tram car will bring participants in the happening from around Sofia.

The festivities include the show “Fire and Lights,” staged by a local amateur troupe.



Bulgaria to spend 300M leva on restoring ancient sites for tourism

Публикувано на November 30th, 2012

Bulgaria is to spend about 300 million leva (about 150 million euro) in European Union funds over the next two years restoring 11 castles and a large number of ancient sites that are popular tourist attractions.

Among the sites where restoration and development work will be done are the museum village of Etura, former capital Pliska, the Madara Horseman cliff carving near the town of Shoumen, Arbanassi, the Assenovgrad fortress, Magura and Ledenika caves and the Belogradchik rocks.

Regional Development and Public Works Minister Liliana Pavlova said that 61 municipalities would be involved in implementing the projects, with their tasks including improving infrastructure near tourist attractions, a report by television station bTV said.

For example, near the village of Belchin – in western Bulgaria, 15km from Samokov and 50km from Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia – there is a fortress dating back 1700 years. The fortress, with walls 350m long and with six towers, would within two years be restored to its former appearance, according to the report.

Close to the fortress walls, archaeologists found the remains of three churches, said to date back to the same period as the fortress, seen as proof that Christianity had come to the area at the time of Byzantine emperor Constantine the Great.

Samokov municipality is to be given close to six million leva to develop the site into a tourist attraction, with a museum and reconstructions portraying ancient life, the report said.

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The first most significant factor about this part of the world is the heat. Been outside is like taking a hot bath way to hot for comfort.

The second factor is the buildings. It is a playground for architects.

Skyscrapers, they line the horizon here like yachts in Monaco in Summer. To signify that you’ve made it in South Africa is to have a new big car; in the UK a house in London and maybe another one on the coast. But in Doha it’s a skyscraper, they litter the skyline.

It was a risky trip. We didn’t have permission to film but we filmed anyway. We filmed expecting to be stopped but we weren’t. We though we had got away with it but we hadn’t. No official gave us an interview, not even about football, except on Friday. But on Friday it was too late, the whole world could speak to Qatar on Friday and they didn’t even have to pay for a visa. Officials were talking via satellite to anyone who asked after the announcement.

Yip, the announcement did come but there was no decision. Fifa was suppose to decide if the game was to be moved to winter instead of summer because of the heat. But the decision has been postponed until after the 2014 game.

It was a whole lot of effort spent for an event so many years away. That’s unusual for news. The stories I usually cover are about events that happen on the day or within the week at least. This trip was about a game in 2022, nine whole years away.

But then it’s no ordinary game, and it’ll be no ordinary World Cup, the 2022 World Cup is going to be the biggest sporting event ever to take place in the Middle East. It signifies a land that has Arrived.